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about me:

i´m a girl, livin´ right now (almost) in chicago, okay it´s a lil´ boring suburb called bartlett...i´m here since august and i experieced the american way of life and i can tell you it´s not that big thing you thought... but everyday you make new experiences and you see a lotta different things. it´s cool here i have to say, but it´s also a bit boring since all these fat americans (and it´s true- 90% of the population is pretty fat and about 99% are really stupid...) but if you keep tryin´ you get to know to normal people but it´s pretty hard...

sissi, my girl who´s now with the aboriginis made a blog here to let her people know how she is doin´ in australia. i think this is a pretty good idea and so i copied it (i hope you´re not mad with me sissi)...

 as from now, i try to keep this site up to date so that everybody is able to follow my steps in this big country...


so stay straight and throw here and then a glance at my page to be up to date...

 see ya


31.10.06 03:26

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